Ms. Mannila Sandhu

Research Assistant
Graduate Student
Lakehead University



Mannila Sandhu is a graduate student in the department of computer science and a member of Senate research committee at Lakehead University. She is pursuing her masters thesis under the supervision of Dr. Vijay Mago. She recently achieved MITACS Globalink Research award and got the opportunity to join Furman University, USA for her funded research with host supervisor Dr. Philippe Giabbanelli. There she worked in the DACHB lab for fall 2018. She will be continuing her research at DATALab. She also has one year of work experience as a associate software engineer at Tech Mahindra, India. Her research is based on automatically validating and extending complex conceptual models of health related topics like obesity using machine learning approaches by using very large volume of social media (twitter)/ expert reports data. She is interested in Data analysis and Visualisation, Machine Learning and looks forward to be a data scientist.

Current Projects

Accurately modeling the system of health-related factors can facilitate the development of integrated policies to identify where interactions form structures such as feedback loops or multiple paths.