Canadian health analysis using social media data

CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION1.1 OverviewEvery year access to the internet is growing rapidly with 7% growth in average in the world. But the number of social media user growth is almost twice as the internet user growth with 13% in average and Canada is not different then theworld[9]. Canada has 36.79 million population in 2018 out of it 33.05 millionare internet users which is 90% of total population[. It shows the penetration of the of internet in Canadian society. As internet accessibility and quality increase, it creates an ideal condition for social media growth. From 2017-2018Canadians social media has reached 68% of total population with 25.56 millionpeople. And reasons behind social media are smartphones and qualitative in-ternet services (average speed 45.64 Mbps). Average Canadian spends 5H &55M time every day on internet. And 89% of the total population use internet on daily. The smartphone is key for social media as they enable users to share their activities on social media through different format of the data such as text, video, audio or image. Unique smartphone users are increasing with6% growth. This increase in consumption of social media, internet and different online services. Which create a unique environment and generate anenormous amount of data. Only Twitter has 7.2 million monthly active users allover Canada. And those data will include all type of information from a reviewof restaurant or products, political views, users like-dislike, daily routine andother data which is a gold source of information. Because of that, we considerTwitter for analysis of public health in real-time.